Sunday 19 October 2014

Midi skirt By Gabi

Oh Snap! Street style

Skirt: Primark ( on sale)
Shoes: Vintage 
Belt: Mango
Top: Mango

I have an obsession with midi full skirts (or knee length)  I feel plenty people 
wearing them only with heels, but I think midis can look amazing even with flats .  Wearing full mini skirt with nice lace up chic flats. Midi's are this season hottest trends and I love them. Them are the best piece of clothing for curvy body like mine. Full midi always makes you look slimmer and thats what i love :)  

 And lets not forget about all of the "WHY ARE yOu DreSSED SO fANcy TODAY THAT SKIRT IS TOO LONG TO BE CASUAL" ...... It's easy to assume that the full midi is strictly for evenings, but good old street style proves that to be very wrong. 
Pair his shirt with a simple shirt for a day or night  is probably my favourite look and I am totally not afraid to put on flats with this exact outfit it really does work, even if you're  shorter like I am . 

gabi xxx

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