Thursday 16 October 2014

Midi skirt by Agata

Summer is gone...

Turtleneck & belt - Primark 
Skirt - H&M
Jacket & bag - Zara
Sunglasses - River Island

... yes, summer is gone, days are shorter and the temperature cools considerably. The chill of winter
is on the horizon and this is the moment when I'm starting to put more layers and warmer garments.
This skirt I bought few months ago ( still in the shops) but I couldn't find a perfect top to match. You know, that cherry on the top... was missing. I wanted to create feminine, elegant look but as well comfortable and easy to wear. After years of experimenting with fashion, there's one thing I've learned about myself. I will never wear clothes which are not comfortable.
I love the way midi skirt is giving you that special lady-like feeling. While it's not something I would wear everyday, there is few tips which might help you. My secret formula is to balance volume on bottom, by pairing it with fitted top (always tucked in). If  you don't have model-like height, consider wearing heeled shoe, especially when your skirt is couple of cm above the ankle. To add an edgy twist wear it with leather jacket. I accesorized my look with simple sunglasses, brocaded belt and beaded bag to add some sparkle. How you're going to accesorize your look, depends on the occasion; but remember less is more.

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