Wednesday 18 February 2015

Galway print by Agata

 Misty Galway

 Dress - Primark (old)
Shoes - H&M
Bag - Zara

 Ok, so here it is, long waited day, trip to Galway for ITWBN event. So many plans, preparations, outfit planning... etc. I was very excited about taking pictures in misty Galway. As we always try to photograph our outfits in some interesting location, this seemed to be perfect opportunity to get breathtaking pictures. I had THIS image in my head and I thought about how amazing images we will have. Ekhm... until we started. Turned out, that misty weather is very tricky, fog was so thick, that we could barely see anything. And just to make it even harder, temperatures haven't been encouraging to take off our coats.
 It's amazing, how Irish weather is affecting the content of my post :) Maybe we should think about changing our blog name.
Well, here is few words about my look. I think I tried about ten different sets before the event and on the last minute I decided to wear the first one, typical!  The only addition was black vest, which I didn't include in the link above, because it's very old (yes I am a hoarder). Actually, dress is quite old too, but I love to wear it because of the paisley print and light fabric. Asos have a nice paisley dress HERE
and HERE and I think I saw few in Primark as well, but different cut. Anyway, seventies are trending now on a high street, so I'm sure there's gonna be plenty hippie dresses in shops.
Oh, and one more thing, ITWBN event was amazing (more details in our massive post here) and I can't wait to see all the great bloggers in May.

Have a great day,

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