Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Bomber jacket by Agata


Jacket - Zara (sale)
Bag - Zara (new collection)
Top - Penneys 
Shorts - Levi's (vintage)
Tights - UK Tights
Boots - H&M

 Trend for bomber jacket is coming and going throughout fashion decades, I fell in love with it first in my teenage years. All cool guys had it and they were wrapping their girlfriends arms. I was bit annoyed, because it was extremly hard to get one in my size and my boyfriend didn't had one ( maybe he wasn't cool enough? heh..). This green bomber from Zara reminded me of all those feelings from the past and I decided to get one. I love the silky fabric which is adding femininity and delicacy to this military trend. I like it even more because of the color and fur collar, but unfortunatelly it's not double sided. Well, you can't have everything.
 I was doing some spring cleaning in my wardrobe and I came across my truly loved shorts so I decided to pair it with my new purchase. 
Cherry on the top are dotty tights which we've got from UK Tights few weeks ago. If you're looking for good quality tights, check them out, their range is massive! I couldn't wait to wear them, but weather wasn't kind enough.

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