Wednesday 4 February 2015

Flared trousers by Agata

Feels like Seventies

Trousers - H&M
Top - Second hand
Bag - Mango (sale)
Shoes - Stradivarius
Coat - Zara (old)

 If you only had, one quick look at Spring/Summer 2015 collections you know by now, that Seventies dominated the runways. No matter, that I decided NOT to blindly follow any seasonal trends, this one, I can't skip.
I assure you that I will not wear any crazy sets or combinations, but I will try to gently incorporate it into my wardrobe. I just can't pass indifferently to bell-bottom trousers, vintage prints, boho dresses and hippi deluxe. "Make love, not war" fashion is back again and I will try to transform it into XXI century. I might accidently detour towards Saturday night fever but only for special occasions :)
There is a real love story behind todays outfit. I literally stole those flares in H&M from Veronika (hopefully she will forgive me my temporary loss of control ;)) but my heart just started beating faster when I saw them. I have another few looks with them so hopefully I will not bore you to death. The rest of this outfit was a bargain; second hand top, bag from sales and my old trusted boots and coat.
What do you think about Seventies inspired collections? like it or hate it? Let me know in comments below.

P.s. Lately me and Veronika sign up to new app called Fitbay. It is a community that helps you find clothes that fit. Connect with your Body Doubles to see what they are wearing, discover new brands for your body type and create a wardrobe that’s right for you. You can find me here if you're interested, belive me it's easy in use and very helpful for those of you, who like to shop online. Really worth to give a try.

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