Friday 11 July 2014

Yellow by Gabriella

Super chic with Yellow 

Fashion is something I have always loved. One of my favourite 
colours this year is yellow. Yellow color reminds me of fun and 
sun. Because we don't have much sun here in Ireland, I feel 
like I have to wear yellow just to brighten up my days. 
Wearing this colour simply, can not look wrong, if only is a 
combination of right shade.
I find that many women stay away from yellow considering it's 
not appropriate, but at the end of the day, yellow can look 
really luxurious.

Yellow is usually combined with orange. Such colour 
combination looks super cute and it's simply perfect for
summer. But yellow looks also fabulous with dark blue. 
This color combination is very elegant if you choose 
the right clothes. For bold look you can choose yellow with 
light tones of blue.

My YELLOW combination is a bit different. In this 
outfit I am colour blocking 3 colours - Yellow,
Red and Green. I find this combo so sexy and chic. 
This amazing yellow polkadot top and green high waisted 
skirt remind me of a grass and flowers :) it gives me such a 
summery feeling and perfect red colour of complexness just 
gives a lovely finish to my look.

The diamond of my outfit is my Anucci travel makeup bag. 
      When I saw this bag in a vintage shop in Greystones, 
knew it, I have to have it! This is not my everyday outfit, 
I would usually wear it if I am meeting my girls for lunch or 
dinner,or on a date night. 

PS: I also did rock this outfit on my 5th date with my boyfriend. 
And I have to say it worked :) 

Bag: Anucci
Shoes: Newlook
Skirt: River Island
Shirt: Bershka
Poncho: Stradivarius
Necklaces: Stradivarius

If you like my outfit girls for your inspiration I created very 
similar outfit set to show you where you can similar clothing.  

My favourite xxxx

Miss Selfridge square neck top

Cape coat

BA SH flap handbag

Akira wide stretch belt

 With sunny love 

                       your little blogger 

                                    Gabriella xxx

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