Wednesday 9 July 2014

Yellow by Agata

Go yellow

               Top - Zara ( you ca buy similar here)
           Jeans - Zara (now on sale)
Heels - River Island
Backpack - New Look        
Necklace - vintage              
Sunglasses - Choies                

Yellow was never my favourite color, but this year I totally fell in love with it. I absolutely adore black and yellow combination, but for summer I wanted to try it with white for lighter look.
While I was packing my suitcase for holidays in Rome I tried to pick clothes which I can mix together and create completly different outfits. Main reason of this was, that ( I realy don't know why:)) there is such a thing as luggage permitted size. It certainly was guys idea :) 
My outfits had to be comfortable and stylish at once, because I  usually visit as many places as I can and I like to feel special in clothes I'm wearing. The one I'm showing you today, had another task, had to be proper for visiting religious places. That day we went into St. Peter's Basilica and the main rule of getting inside is wearing clothes which are covering your arms and knees.
After that we were visiting other places and in the evening, we had planned romantic dinner in some quiet restaurant. Yes, that's how our city breaks look like, very busy schedule, but that's how I like it the most.
Instead of travelling to the hotel and back I was wearing clothes which going to look good for the whole day. Dont't think I was running in heels around the city all day, it was only for the evening. I also added red lipstick and necklace. During the day was bit warm so I had straps t-shirt underneath and flat sandals. Backpack I had with me, was just brilliant idea.