Tuesday 30 September 2014

Holiday outfit by Agata

One sunny day 

Oversized cardigan - Zara
Bag & boots - Zara
Boyfriend ripped jeans - River Island by Asos
T-shirt - Abercrombie&Fitch(old collection)

Start of September I've spend on travelling, nothing big, just going to my home city. I don't realy go to Poland very often, so I'm always trying to meet up all my friends
and family. Apart from this I love to shop polish clothes brands and books, going to my favourite restaurants and cafes. After all of this I usually don't have any time left, but somehow we managed to go to Sanok and explore this lovely city a little bit.
Because I forgot to check the weather forcast before my trip, my suitcase was completly misguided. I assumed that the weather will be the same as in Dublin. Obviously it wasn't and I did not want to waste time in front of a mirror, so my outfits were pure improvisation. I actually learned one important thing - less is better. Because I had only few items to pick from it was easier to mix and match them together. Few simple items can make many great looks.
Todays outfit I picked in a morning rush, but actually worked perfectly  on a busy day I had. Travelling, sightseeing, visiting family... My recipe is simple: soft fabrics in dark colours, layering and comfortable shoes.

What do you wear while travelling?

Have a nice day


I usualy take milion pictures when I'm on holidays, but this time I decided to take a break:) No, no, not completly, but I limited myself to one memmory card. There is few snaps from folk museum in Sanok. Hope u gonna like it.

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