Thursday 22 January 2015

Winter days by Agata

Cold blast

Coat - Mohito
Top & bag- Primark
Jeans & scarf - Zara
Shoes - Timberland
Sunglasses - River Island
Beanie - H&M

For the last week, weather in Dublin is very wintry, temperatures go below zero and I have chills on my skin, just when I think about living home. All my friends know very well, that my cold tolerance is very small:) so this week i opted for warm and cosy look.

I decided to wear my pink Timberlands to add some color and refresh the whole look.
Hopefully weather gonna go back to normall next week, so I can show you something more original and fancy. Now I'm going to make my lemon & honey tea and cover with blanket cause I've caught a cold.

Keep warm


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