Tuesday 6 January 2015

Sales by Agata

Time to shop!

Jumper - Zara (sale)
Boots - Stradivarius (sale)
Jeans - River Island (new collection)
Bag & har - Primark

After all that Christmas celebration, overeating, social drinking and moving no furter than from sofa to the kitchen, there is one great reason to leave your cosy nest...SALES!
Yes, it's also a great way to lose those few extra pounds
which we gained during Christmas. There's no more xmassy tunes and nobody hands you gingerbread cookies, but prices are reduced and that's the most important. Every girl knows that sales are only for people with strong nerves :) shops are packed, clothes are lying on the ground and you have to wait in a massive queue, twice (changing room, tills).
This year I was well organized for sales. I had my "sales budget" set up earlier, I made a list of clothes which  I wanted to buy and I checked online shops first, so I knew where to go.
The only thing I bought not from the list, was this white jumper, but I couldn't resist... it has pockets and as you may noticed I love everything with pockets. The rest of the purchases went as I planned and  because I had some money left, I treated myself with one item from new collection too.
There's still loads of great offers waiting for you. Before buying anything, ask yourself : 
Where can I wear it, How often I'm gonna wear it and Can I mix this with my old clothes. 
It's something I ask myself since I have no space in my wardrobe, so maybe it will be helpfull for you too ;)

Happy shopping!


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