Thursday 13 November 2014

warm jumper by Agata

Warm & comfy

Sweater - Zara (old collection)
Boots - Zara
Jeans - River Island
Top - Primark

Photos for this post were taken in Wicklow mountains. If you are following our blog  for longer, you probably noticed this is one of my favourite spots.
I always pick some interesting location, if I  have a little spare time. There is nothing better than going for a little trip, to some quiet place, after a busy week in town.
I know, that this is not proper clothes for long mountain trips, but if you are planning to sit somewhere with cup of tea and read your favourite book this outfit is going to be perfect.
Woolen sweater I bought last year in Zara and I was counting the days for colder weather, so I can wear it again. It's probably one of my favourites and I'm sure they have something similar in their collection this year, so keep an eye on their online shop.
Boots are great too, perfect for trousers or a skirt, but one thing I don't like about them, is that they are too heavy and your feet may be sore after a long day.
And lastly, jeans. Got them in River Island, which is my favourite shop for jeans for the last few years. They are high waisted which means your legs gonna look longer, waist slimmer and you get that perfect hourglass figure. My tip is: do make sure they fit properly; to small are unflattering and highlighting your muffin top. Too baggy will add an extra volume in your midsection.

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