Tuesday 24 June 2014

Total white by Agata

                                                             top and sandals - Primark
                                                                             jeans - Zara
                                                                     back pack - New Look
                                                                   belt and hat - H&M 

 Last week weather in Dublin was suprisingly nice and warm, so I took advantage of it and went to the beach near by. There wasn't many people in my favorite spot, just a few kite-surfers preparing their gear, so it was peaceful and quiet. First we took few pictures, I mean we tried beacause wind was quite strong (all the surfers loved it :)), after that we had a walk along the coast.
When I go to places like this, the most important thing is to feel comfortable. I just grabbed (my favourite at the moment) white ripped jeans and simple white top. Rest of this outfit is black just beacuse I like the combination of these two colors. Simple and easy, that's what I like the most. As I mentioned before it was bit windy, so I had to take my hat away, but I'm sure you will see it couple more times:)

Have nice day.


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