Sunday 22 June 2014

Total White - Inspiration

'Pure white' has been on our fashion radars for quite some time. It's a hate it or love it sort of thing.
I absolutely love it! 
This week we will be showing you our take on this trend.
Each of us have a different style and that's why our outfits will offer 3 completely diffferent ways for wearing 'pure white'.
Agata opted for laid back minimalistic oufit, I wore a lace dress with casual accessories and Gabi went all out with her LWD (little white dress).
Here are some of our Polyvore sets and inspirations on how to nail it Stylegambler's way ;-)

There isn't really a right way or a wrong way of wearing the white in my opinion.
What ever you feel the most comfortable in will look the best on you.
I try to keep it simple with accessories as I'd like the colour to take the centre stage. Mixing up the tones of white and different materials is the best way to make your look stand out more, so you don't end up looking like you ready for a shift in a hospital!

Here are some of my picks from high street that you can easily mix and match with different pieces to create your unique outfit.

Hope you enjoy our posts this week and let us know how would you wear it.

Your stylegambler,

Veronika B 

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