Wednesday 15 July 2015

Summertime by Agata - Bell top

And the livin' is easy

Top,sandals, bag - Zara
Denim flares - River Island

 Irish summers are different to those in Poland, where I grew up, but after seven years living in Dublin I think I got used to mild temperatures and cloudy skies.
I do miss real heat wave from time to time but I've learnt to enjoy every warm day on this beautiful island, as there's not too many of them. 
Those photos where taken last Sunday at around 7pm! I cannot believe how long days are now, it makes our (read bloggers) lives so much easier, no need to worry about good light. 
As summer sales started I decided to treat myself with something nice, heh... every excuse is good, wright. I'm still trying to reduce my wardrobe, so I didn't follow my old rule "buy loads because it's half price". In fact, I bought only two tops and pair of biker boots for winter. I think my wallet liked it a lot.
This white bell top is one of my sales purchases and it fits perfectly into the bohemian style, which I'm still madly in love with. I don't like unnecessary accessories, so my look is a restrained form of those boho looks you know from 70's and 90's.

Have a great day!


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