Wednesday 29 July 2015

Cooking with StyleGamblers - Fruity popsicles

Fruity popsicles
written by Agata

Sun is NOT shining in Dublin's sky is covered with clouds, so I decided to make some fruity popsicles to brighten your days.
Making process takes less than 10 mins but you have to be patient after you put them into the freezer because chilling time is minimum three hours. I saw so many different variations over the internet that when I finally got my popsicle molds in Ikea, I didn't know which one should I  try first. After looking what ingredients I have in the fridge, this was the only option I could make as I was to lazy to go shopping. But my next one will be definately combination of soya yogurt and fruits.... or maybe chocolate,  hmm. I'll think about this. I hope you gonna like it!


passion fruit

1. Blend watermelon in food processor or blender until smooth
2. Cut strawberries and kiwi into small chunks and place them with the rest of the fruits in each of popsicle molds
3. Pour the watemelon juice to fill in popsicle molds and place the sticks on top
4. Freeze for at least three hours.


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