Wednesday 27 May 2015

Neostrata cleanser review

Neostrata Cleanser

Lately I have been loving the Neostrata cleanser. My skin felt really tired after our time in Barcelona and late nights spent at events, work. I needed something to give me back that glow again. 
I decided to give Neostrata a go and because I have seen major improvement, I decided to write a little more about this amazing product.

 Neostrata Ultra Brightening Cleanser is a foaming wash off facial cleanser to brighten, illuminate and help control the pigmentation for a more even skin tone. It gently removes oils and make up, and gently exfoliates the skin.

What I thought;
I have been using the Neostrata Ultra Brightening Cleanser for over two weeks, once a day (usually before I go to sleep). I adore the smell, it's a mixture of mint and citrus fragrances. 
My skin is silky smooth and feels great every time I use this cleanser. It brightened up my complection and the make up goes on a lot smoother. I even noticed my KP (keratosis pilaris) slowly becoming less prominent on my cheeks. The red patches are almost gone.
I would higly recommend this cleanser to anyone. 

For more information on Neostrata products and to locate the nearest store to purchase, visit their website

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