Tuesday 12 May 2015

Barcelona story part III by Agata - floral trousers

The tourist

Shoes, top, trousers, sunglasses, phone case - H&M
Jacket - Vero Moda
Backpack - Nike

I'm not sure if I mentioned already, that this was my second trip to Barcelona. First one was four years ago and during four days I visited most of the travel guide attractions.
And as it was second time for Veronika too, we didn't put any pressure on ourselves to see another Basilica or park. I'm glad that there was no plan behind this trip, it was completely spontaneous holiday. There was moments when we were totally lost, but it only led us to very interesting hidden gems of Barcelona. There was only couple of places which we revisited again just because it's unique and picturesque view. Park Guell was one of them, it's such a nice place, filled with unusual architecture, exotic plants and colonnaded footpaths. Although, there is crazy amount of tourists, this place is so big that there is no problem with finding a peaceful spot to relax.
The main reason behind this trip was of course, nothing else than taking pictures for the blog. Light on the
colonnaded pathways it's just magical and I was very tempted to wear a nice, girly dress, but we had more to do on that day so I went for comfortable, casual clothes.

Have a nice day!

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