Monday 27 April 2015

City life by Agata

These boots are made for walkin'

 Grey top & scarf - H&M
White top - Primark
Leather jacket & bag- Zara
Jeans & sunglasses - River Island
Boots - Faith via Debenhams

Every time I get up, I am facing the same question - dress comfortable or elegant? Usually lack of time in the morning is forcing me to wear old trusted sets of clothes, which are skinny jeans, sweater and sneakers. Of course there's nothing wrong in this type of an outfit, but sometimes I want to create less sporty look.
Comfortable for day at work and suitable for meeting with  friends in the city. Only by swapping one piece of your usual clothes, you can transform your outfit into something new. Change your parka jacket for a blazer or sneakers for heeled boots, add a scarf or piece of jewellery, put on over sized shirt not an old, stretched sweater. So many options, try to play with fashion and prepare your clothes before you go to bed so there's no morning dramas.
Ok, that's end of my fashion wisdoms for today. As you may know, we are going to Barcelona on Thursday so I have to go and pack. You're probably gonna read this post while I'm sipping mohito's somewhere around La Barceloneta, phew... hard life ;)

Enjoy your weekend,


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