Thursday 2 April 2015

Beauty Review by Veronika - Cetaphil

Cetaphil - Review

Last month we had been asked to review few products by Conefrey's pharmacy and Cetaphil skincare was one of them. I decided to give it a go and trialled it for the last few weeks. I added the Cetaphil skin restoring body wash and moisturiser to my daily routine. 

About Cetaphil skin restoring range:
Clinically proven to soothe very sensitive, itchy and dry skin. It's preservative and fragrance free. Cetaphil contains Ceramid technology to help restore skin barrier. It's suitable for adults and children.

I have been suffering with KP (keratosis pilaris) since I can remember and it worsens in the winter months. My skin becomes very dry and itchy, so I am always on the look out for new products to calm these symptoms.

What I thought:
Cetaphil body wash has a milky/creamy texture and is fragrance/soap free, so it almost feels like you're not using a body wash. I must say I'm not a fan of the texture, because it didn't leave me feeling clean. This aside it did calm down the itchiness.
Cetaphil moisturiser is a little thicker than what I would usually use. It takes a bit longer to massage into the skin. I've used the moisturiser daily after shower and it certainly got rid of my dry skin.
I was pleasantly surprised by the products and will continue to use them.

Cetaphil products can be purchased in Conefrey's pharmacy, Boots or Amazon. 

I hope this review was helpfull.


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