Monday, 23 May 2016

New York City Travel Diary

New York City Travel Diary
written by Agata

Day 1

Times Square
Times Square is a typical tourists place, I highly doubt, any New Yorker hangs out here. No matter what time of the day you will go there it will be packed with people (other tourists). There is not much to do in this area, but it's a nice place to sit down on top of the red steps of TKTS kiosk and watch dozens of bilboards and advertisements.

Day 2

Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island
Statue of Liberty is probably the most known monument in US and it's a symbol of liberty, peace, human rights, abolition of slavery, democracy and opportunity.
Unfortunatelly we didn't book our tickets in advance and we decided to take a ferry Staten Island instead. As soon as you leave Subway station you will be surrounded by ticket vendors. I'm don't thinkthis is the cheapest way, but it's all up to you. We decided to take a free ferry to Staten Island instead (more info here). Staten Island Ferry is run by City of New York and provides 25 minutes ride with majestic view of Manhattan, skyscrapers and bridges.  From the deck of the ferry you will have a perfect view of Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Brooklyn bridge
How can you be in New York and not walk across the Brooklyn Bridge? This is probably NY most famous bridge which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. It takes about 35-45 minutes to walk across the bridge. You get a lot of wonderful views of downtown. Great place to see at night, unfortunatelly our schedule was to busy to come here again.

World Trade Center & 9/11 Memorial and Museum
WTD is partially completed complex of buildings after 9/11 terrorists attack but it already looks impressive. It's another must-see on your list but remember this is also place of remembrance and quiet reflection so treat this place with respect. For more info and ticket prices visit here.

NYC Subway
If you want to travel around NYC and don't spend a fortune, than you should definitely try NYC Subway which is the cheapest and most convenient form of transport. NYC subway system is open 24h a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year :) At the start it may seem very confusing and we were no different than other tourist which ended up far away from desired place. Ypu will need to purchase a Metrocard on one of the stations. What we found annoyingwas that not all ticket booths were accepting notes, so if you don't have coins you have to go to bigger station. There are 3 ways to top up your card (single ride, pay-per-ride, unlimited ride), we decided to buy Pay-Per-Ride Card and we didn't have to worry about ticket every single time we were using Subway. For current prices check here. On every station you will find detailed map with all stations but it's better to have your own pocket version. Make sure you're on the right side of the station and that you're travelling in the right direction (downtown or uptown). Here you can find great guide about using Subway.

Day 3

Rockefeller Center
To get the best views of New York City you have to rise above the island. We decided to visit Rockefeller Center and view the city from The Top of the Rock Observation Deck. There is many different ticket option topick from, you can check it here. We bought Sun & Stars pass which allows you to go to observation deck twice in one day. The view includes most of major sights of New York such as: Emire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, Hudson River, East River, Central Park and many more.

Central park

Day 4

Little Italy/China Town
Last day we've spend on strolling around the city, buying souvenirs and taking some streetstyle photos. We heard a lot about China Town and Littly Italy about it's multicultural roots and history. It's a bustling neighborhood with traditional cuisine and best bargains in Manhattan.
After four long days this place was a cherry on a cake, weather was great, we overindulged local goodies and left this amazing city happy with great memories and experiences.

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