Tuesday 13 October 2015

Autumn look by Agata

Autumn leaves...

Lately I had a little blogging breakdown. I am sure you've noticed that our posts are not so consistent as usual.
Full time job and full time blogging are not the best buddies. That's why I decided to tone down a little, take a step back from the online crazines and relax. There's nothing better than a holiday to load your batteries, refresh your mind and come back with new ideas.
In the meantime Summer turned into Autumn. I am really enjoying walks in the park before weather gets colder. Autumn it's just such a beautiful season and I still feel excited about picking leaves and chestnuts.
I can't wait for long evenings spend with good book, under warm blanket, sipping on that huge mug of hot tea. Yes, I am a stay-at-home type of a girl! and that's how my perfect evening looks like.

Dress &boots - H&M
Leather jacket - Zara
Bag - another great find from a charity shop :)

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