Monday 9 March 2015

Cocoa Brown

CB Tough Stuff
written by Agata / photos by Agata

One of my favourite beauty treatments is skin exfoliation. Why? There is no other treatment leaving your skin so smooth and glowing. It's fast, easy and it helps maintain healthy skin. Regularity is the key to perfect skin, so remember to repeat this procedure frequently.
Cocoa Brown TOUGH STUFF Body Scrub is a no-nonsense scrub for rough areas of the body – perfect for the feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands. This amazing exfoliating scrub is brilliant to prepare the skin for tanning, removing stubborn old tan and of course, leave your skin silky smooth.
My first impression after using Tough Stuff - it smells DIVINE! I like the creamy, runny texture too. The scrub is actually so good I use it twice a week as a normal body scrub. You can use it on dry or wet skin, I prefer to use it in the shower to get a little more gentle scrub. It's a perfect way to prepare your skin for self tanning, remove old tan or just to remove dead skin cells. Always remember to moisturize after using this product and skip your tanning untill next day.

Happy exfoliating!


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